Our Route to Success
BBIX's route to success is simple... We make sure each project we undertake is handled according to the highest quality standards. Our mission is to make our client's goals a reality by planning, preparing and performing to higher expectations with an unparalleled passion resulting in a successful project delivery every time.

The route is simple, it's our execution that sets us apart.

Our Approach to Design-Build
The foundation of our design-build technical approach is the establishment of an integrated project delivery methodology that supports our philosophy of quality design, construction, client service, and sensitivity to the environment. By possessing the resources to perform both the comprehensive design and construction, the client has access to a unique single source responsibility center that can be responsive, decisive, and accountable.

Our Design-Build Project Management
While design takes place at the beginning of a design-build project and the tangible aspects of construction take place toward the middle and end of a project, in reality both are intertwined. Therefore, the Construction Team works with the designers throughout the design phase and conversely, the Design Team works in conjunction with the Construction Team through the construction process to ensure that design integrity and contract compliance with respect to design elements are carried forward from design and integrated throughout the construction process. Our Design-Build project management is accomplished through quality control, scheduling, site management, budget controls, and communication among all teaming partners, planners and stakeholders. Our integrated design approach involving engineers, designers, construction professionals, and the client at the design phase reinforces design goals and assures the entire team is committed to the success of the project.

Our Collaborative Approach for Design-Build
It is essential that the entire Team understand the goals and needs of the client in order to ensure a quality project. Therefore, the Design Team interfaces early and often with the client to define a well-rounded scope of work for meeting their end user’s needs. This interface begins at the initial meetings and continues throughout the project until completion.

In order to ensure the collaboration is effective, the Design-Build work flow must involve the timely participation of the client and other key stakeholders.  This collaboration needs to be seamless across different disciplines involved in the project scope and within the Design-Build Team. When collaborative interactions and information exchanges occur throughout a project, any and all such information will be disseminated to all team members. It is through open lines of communication and transparent decision-making that quality, schedule and costs are controlled on our projects.

Role and Interaction of Design and Construction Teams during Construction
A Design Team member will work on-site, as needed, with the Construction Team to bring technical issues, design discrepancies, and site latent conditions to the attention of the Project Manager, and reflect adjustments and modifications in the as-built drawings. Having the on-site designer involved throughout construction enables us to respond immediately to any site requests dealing with procurement difficulties, subcontractor issues, hazardous materials, or other situations affecting/affected by design elements as construction progresses. The PM will critically review all conceptual and schematic designs so that any potential constructability problems can be detected and resolved.

Integrating Subcontractors into Design & Construction (Efficient Execution)
Subcontractors are critical to the success of any contract. The cornerstone to successfully integrating multiple subcontractors’ work is scheduling. Our effective scheduling allows for seamless construction, no matter how many subcontractors are involved. Our team’s successful experience managing numerous subcontractors on complex projects means that we have an understanding of subcontractor coordination during design and construction.

Our Fuel for Successful Project Delivery
We covet our work not because it is work but because it is our passion.  Our passion is the fuel for a successful project delivery. 

Our proven route to success, where success is defined as on time and within budget while satisfying the clients expectations, is only achieved by incorporating and maintaining the highest standards and expectations while controlling time, costs and risk.  It is our ability to efficiently execute all of these elements that  allows for a successful project delivery every time.