The scope of work involved the design-build renovation of the Fitness Center at the Naval Air Station Meridian, MS.  This was a complete gut-out of the existing facility and the addition of a new bathhouse and a new eight lane 25m exterior swimming pool and splash pad design. The swimming pool, bathhouse facility and filtration system design was based upon the requirements of UFC 4-750-07F and NAVMED P5010-4. The plumbing system for the newly constructed swimming pool and splash pads consisted of all drains and make up water piping, valves and fittings, piping insulation, emergency eye wash and shower, and other specialty piping and equipment. Plumbing system design and installation was in accordance with IPC and UFC 3-420-01, Plumbing Systems. 

The Mechanical (HVAC) scope included integration of sustainable strategies and features into the design to meet EPAct 2005,  UFC 3-410-01FA. and Engineering & Construction Bulletin 2008-01 and other NAVFAC directives. The fire detection and suppression scope included a complete, electrically supervised, address able intelligent, manual and automatic, annunciated fire alarm and detection system design for each facility in compliance with UFC 3-600-01. The system was a voice evacuation type system and that also served as a mass notification system. The new electrical service distribution was designed in accordance with UFC 4-740-02. This included the Service Entrance Wiring and Equipment, Distribution and Lighting Panel boards, Dry Type Transformers, Conduits, Feeder and Branch Circuits, Motor Control Equipment, Lighting and Branch Wiring, Communications, Emergency Lighting, and Grounding System for a complete and usable system.

The project achieved a LEED-NC Silver rating.